Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii

Helicopter Tours Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii’s Big Island, as the name suggests, is the biggest of all islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. Naturally, there are a lot of spots there that are a marvel to see and visit. However, some of its gems are the spots unblemished by human interaction, spots that are inaccessible by foot. So how do we get to see them? Are we never going to see these patches of paradise on the Big Island? No, of course not. We’ve got helicopters now. And lucky for us, there are several tours in the island that we could choose from based on our budget and preferences.

Doors Off Lava and Rainforests Adventure $324

Volcanic eruptions are almost always catastrophic, and why wouldn’t they be? Volcanoes wreaking havoc and shooting hot stones and lava out are enough to create a destruction on a massive scale. Volcanoes are one of the frightening reminders of what Mother Nature can do if we piss her off too much. Nevertheless, though they provoke fear, volcanoes are a thing of beauty and wonder here in the Big Island, so much so that they are the highlight of the Doors Off Lava and Rainforest Adventure tour. 

This forty-minute ride on a four-person helicopter promises a panoramic view of the inside of an active Hawaiian volcano as the helicopter soars directly above it. There are no doors on the helicopter, so there wouldn’t be anything between the guests and the lava below. 

In addition to that, guests also get to see verdant rainforests and stunning waterfalls while the pilot shares information about Hilo’s history and geography. 

Volcano and Kohala Landing Helicopter Tour on the Big Island – $659

Volcano and Kohala Landing Helicopter Tour on the Big Island

This three-hour tour consists of two hours in the air and an hour on land. The first two hours features flying over the rugged Hawaiian coastline, above Kilauea Volcano, one of the most active in all of Hawaii, and over the superb coastline and mountains of Kohala Coast, aboard a luxury six-passenger helicopter. Two-way headsets are provided so you can communicate and hear your captain as he narrates about the sights below. 

After some time in the air, the helicopter will land on a remote valley that not too many visitors get to see. Guests are given an hour to explore and stroll along this private patch of paradise before going airborne again. 

The Sunset Experience Helicopter Tour from Kona – $750

Viator VIP: The Sunset Experience Helicopter Tour from Kona

Experience first-class luxury service while sipping quality champagne and soaking up the best views the Big Island has to offer on a six-passenger helicopter tour of the Big Island in Hawaii.  This two-hour tour promises the best aerial views of snowcapped mountain peaks, lava roiling into the ocean, waves crashing on the coastlines, jet-black sand beaches, thundering waterfalls, and verdant rainforests. 

The tour starts from Kona through Kilauea, and all the way to Kealakekua Bay, where the infamous story of how Captain Cook was killed in a skirmish with native Hawaiians had transpired. By this time, the sun would have already started setting, and seeing the orange horizon on high altitude is an experience of a lifetime. 

This tour requires good weather, though, and in case of poor weather guests can reschedule or ask for a full refund. 

Waterfall Heli-Trek: Big Island Helicopter Tour and Hiking Adventure – $794

The Sunset Experience Helicopter Tour from Kona

Unlike most helicopter tours that only last for a couple of hours max, this tour takes almost the entire day because it is bundled with a hiking trip that lets guests explore private spots with a Hawaiian Forest and Trail guide. 

This tour starts with a one and a half hour helicopter ride above the slopes of Hualalai volcano where much of the famous Kona coffee is grown, the snowcapped summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, and down towards Kilauea volcano. 

The helicopter will then land on a private location on North Kohala where guests are provided with a seasoned guide and hiking gear. There will be a stopover at a waterfall and guests could take a dip before visiting the quaint town of Hawi, and then finally hike back to the helicopter for a short flight to Kona.

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