Hawaii With Kids

Hawaii With Kids

The Big Island in Hawaii is a diverse island, so it is no surprise that it also has a diverse range of activities to do with kids. Theme parks are almost non-existent in the island, but Mother Nature has provided a string of natural wonders that kids from one to ninety-nine can enjoy and take delight in. The Big Island has fun waves, sandy beaches, interesting wildlife, tons of fish, and a lot more stuff that they could also learn from—like no theme parks could.

Here are top things to see and do with kids in The Big Island: 

Hawaii With Kids

1. Turtle Watching at PunaLu’u Beach

Hawaii With Kids - Turtle Watching at PunaLu’u Beach

Kids of all ages will love seeing the wild green sea turtles at  Punalu’s Beach. This beach, beautifully lodged between Kau Desert and Ka Lae, has exquisite black sand and is arguably one of the Big Island’s most picturesque. The facilities and amenities are quite scarce in this part of the island, but you’ll definitely get enough privacy, since only a handful of guests make it there. Visiting the Punalu’u Beach is most ideal during the hot summer months, because the freshwater springs that bubble up from the cove’s bottom keep the water cold, making it more refreshing.

Hawaii With Kids

2. Breathe In the Cowboy Culture

Kids in Hawaii - Breathe In the Cowboy Culture

Hawaii also has cowboys? Heck yes! Paniolo Culture or the Hawaiian term for cowboy is a hit on the Big Island, so much so that it has some of the biggest cow pastures in the entire United States. This culture was introduced by the Spaniards in 1500s, and since then cows have been a significant part of the Big Island culture for centuries.

The Hawaiian cowboys or Paniolos’ skills in roping, wrangling, and corralling cattle are somewhat similar to their Mexican counterparts, the vaqueros. Families with children can appreciate and enjoy the Paniolo Culture by going to ranches, horse-back riding through the pastures, and participating in cowboy cookouts. 

Hawaii With Kids

3. See the Lava

Kids in Hawaii - The floor is lava

Kids love playing ‘The Floor is Lava’, so take them to the Big Island to see real lava! One of the most exciting and one-of-a-kind things to do in the Big Island is seeing real and active lava flowing from the crater of the volcanoes at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. A volcanic eruption is a natural phenomenon that is really catastrophic, but on this island, the kids will not only see how mighty volcanoes are, they will also learn to respect and appreciate nature more. 

Hawaii With Kids

4. Take Surf Lessons and Ride the Waves

Kids Surf Lessons and Ride the Waves

Surfing is not just a water sport in the Big Island—it is a way of life. Hence, your trip to the Big Island would be so much more worth it especially for kids if they could learn to ride the waves, like Lilo in Lilo and Stitch!

Kona Surf Company is one of the surf schools in Kona that have the best reviews with children. They have efficient instructors who teach surfing with a passion and are accommodating even to children as young as six years old who never had prior surfing lessons. The lessons start with fifteen minutes of briefing on land and two hours of actual lessons in the water, where they let the kids catch some waves while they supervise very closely. After the lessons, they also provide snacks and goodie bags for the participants. 

Family vacations in the Big Island are as educational as they are fun and exciting. The island provides them with activities that could help them enjoy and appreciate nature more, because they get an up close and personal encounter with it, as opposed to just seeing it on the internet or their books. Taking kids to the Big Island could even be a springboard for them and inspire them to be an advocate to conserve and preserve nature, so they could still enjoy its beauty for the years to come. 

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