Free Things To Do On Hawaii

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

If you’re looking for free things to do on Hawaii then this is the article for you… The Big Island in Hawaii is the biggest island in the entire state of Hawaii, so it goes without saying that there are loads of things to see and do in the island, free or otherwise. It is home to over a hundred pristine and breathtaking beaches, over two hundred and seventy miles of coastland, two mighty volcanoes, and a number of state parks. 

The natural beauty of the island allows a range of different activities that need not cost visitors a single penny. Hiking, star-gazing, and lava-watching are some of the exciting things to do in the Big Island at absolutely no cost. 

Here we share the best activities that we can pass on to you, and here are our top finds that would make you want to go back to the Big Island again and again and again…

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

1. Watch Molten Lava from the Kalapana Lava Viewing Area

This is one of the attractions that is uniquely Hawaiian and there’s nothing else in the world like it. Molten lava is a terrifying yet beautiful wonder of nature. And at the end of Highway 130 in the Puna District, visitors get to marvel at the fury and ferocity of the roaring lava as it explodes and gushes into the ocean. 

However, before you get to the Kalapana Viewing Area, you would have to hike around four miles each way on a gravel road. Remember to bring flashlights because there are no trail lights to illuminate your path. Nevertheless, the view of the glowing deep red lava makes the hike truly worth it. 

Also, we recommend checking out the US Geological Survey’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory for updates on Kilauea Volcano eruption first before planning your trip. 

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

2. Pana’ewa Zoo and Gardens

Pana’ewa Zoo and Gardens

The Pana’ewa Zoo and Gardens houses over eighty species of animals, including Namaste, a White Bengal Tiger, Tzatziki, another male White tiger, lemurs, spider monkeys, and nene geese, the Hawaiian state bird. Aside from interesting wildlife, visitors also get to see beautiful flowering plants in the area, as the Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo is also a garden. Look out for ovely orchids, bamboos, and even a charming water garden. 

The zoo covers only around twelve square miles, so it is easy to see everything in the garden pretty quickly. Make sure to enjoy this rare and free experience because this is the single tropical zoo in the entire US. 

Pana’ewa Zoo and Gardens runs on donations, consider sparing some bucks for them if you enjoyed your visit. 

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

3. Rainbow Falls

big island of hawaii

Rainbows are arguably a wonder to see and so are waterfalls, but put these two together? Now that is a sight for sore eyes! The Rainbow Falls in Hilo measures at eighty feet tall and approximately a hundred feet in diameter. You don’t need to hike long trails to see this majestic beauty, though, because the viewing deck is just a few steps away from the parking spaces.

If you are wondering where the name Rainbow Falls came from, it is because you might see a rainbow there on sunny mornings at around 10, through the mist from the waterfall. The waterfall itself is a beauty; it is enveloped by verdant greeneries as the water falls into pristine blue waters.  

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

4. Lava Tree State Monument

Lava plays a major part in the Hawaiian culture, tradition, and folklore. Its devastating powers are undoubtedly terrifying, but in Hawaii, it produces new islands and… preserves tree trunks from the 1790’s. The monument is a testament to how powerful lava is, so much so that it made time stand still in this historic park. 

Situated in Pahoa, the Lava Tree State Monument is literally a forest of lava coated trees. The lava molds were formed when lava flowed through the area in 1790 and consumed the tree trunks on its destructive path. 

Before getting to the lava trees, there is a less than a mile loop trail which could be rather challenging because some parts of the path were broken up by uprooted trees. 

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

5. Watch How Big Island Honey is Made

Big island bees tour

The Big Island is not only famous for its picturesque beaches and enchanting Hula. The island is also famous for its delectable honey. The company Big Island Honey offers a viewing and tasting sessions for free in its museum.

Guests can try to find the Queen Bee laying eggs and the other worker bees capping honey at their actual demonstration hive. While marveling at the busy bees, guests can learn about the beekeeping history as well as how honey was made in the olden days.

Big Island Honey also offers free tasting sessions where guests can sample their famous raw Hawaiian honey. They make many different varieties of honey from nectars of the island’s local flowers. 

TOUR SCHEDULE: Mon-Fri 10 am, 12 pm and 2 pm & Sat. 10 am and 12 pm or call for special arrangements. Duration is about 30 minutes. Space is limited.

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

6. Sample Kona Coffee 

Kone Coffee tour

Aside from honey, the Big Island is also famous for their Kona coffee, which is only grown and tended on the slopes of Kona in Hawaii.  Kona has a string of coffee farms, and a lot of them offer free tours and coffee sampling sessions. 

One of those coffee farms is Rooster Farms, a one hundred percent organic coffee farm that has free tours and coffee sampling. However, because it is only a small farm, guests would have to notify the farm first for scheduling and appointments. 

There is also another coffee farm, though, Hula Daddy Kona Coffee, and they too offer free tours in their farm and don’t require prior reservations.

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

7. Take a Trip to the Mokupapapa Discovery Center

Clouds of reef fish and corals, French frigate shoals, NWHI

The Mokupapapa Discovery Center is a quaint museum situated in a hundred year old building in Hilo. The building with hardwood floors is a charming koa wood staircase is a lovely attraction in its own regard.

 A mere thirty minutes would suffice to take a complete tour in the museum, but it is nevertheless worth the visit to learn a lot about Hawaii’s marine life. The center was founded in 2003 to spread awareness of the need for marine conservation, and to interpret the history, culture, and natural science of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  

The Mokupapapa Discovery Center has a three thousand five hundred-gallon saltwater aquarium and life-size models of Hawaii’s marine animals.  

Free Things To Do On Hawaii

8. Relax on a Black Sand Beach

Black sand beach

There are not a lot of black beaches in the world, so visiting the black beach in the Big Island is a must-do. The “sand” in this black sand beach is made from tiny fragments of lava. How amazing is it to walk on dried lava?

The Punalum’u Black Sand Beach is probably the most beautiful and most famous black sand beach on the Big Island. It is situated on the southern area of the Big Island, so it might be a bit challenging to get there. Nevertheless, one look at this extraordinary beach is enough to make the hike and travel worth it. 

The Big Island is truly a place of wonder, and none of the smaller islands around it could measure up to its beauty and natural wonders. It just goes to show that nature is just so beautiful that you need not break the bank to fully appreciate it. 

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